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At QEvolution, we provide software quality engineering services. We work closely with companies to raise the quality of their products and optimise their development processes.
Our approach goes beyond the mere delivery of services. We accompany companies on their way to autonomy in terms of software quality. We not only improve their current quality, but also empower them to maintain and strengthen this excellence on their own.

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We are an official Agile Testing Fellowship provider and offer courses created and designed by Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin. Click below for more information.


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Software quality engineering services


We offer quality, learning-oriented training. Although we value certifications, we give more value to the knowledge acquired. We are partners of Agile Testing Fellowship.

Quality as a Service​

We provide personnel specialised in quality. We are convinced that Quality Engineering is the present and the future. We know where we want to go and we know how to accompany you in the process.


We carry out quality consultancies with companies, advising, defining and applying processes to obtain a high quality software product.

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Software quality engineering or software quality is more than testing a product, it is about the process of creating the product, how your teams interact and how you try to avoid problems, testing is only a small part of quality.

We would live with your company on a day-to-day basis, working closely with all levels and actively participating in all the company’s processes, helping to take on new functions that allow us to deliver higher quality software, adopting different approaches (hands-on, advisor, mentor and coach) always understanding your needs, maturity and work methodologies.

As our name alludes, we want to change the current perception of software quality: evolve the concept, encompassing tasks far beyond testing, we will work to instil quality in software development processes in the DNA of your company so that this becomes the habit that will make it last over time.